My name is Margaret Guttshall. I was born in West Virginia in 1950 and grew up in Pennsylvania. I have worked as a waitress, machine operator, clerk, typesetter, and librarian. I went to the University of Chicago, Roosevelt University, and Wayne State University.

I have a lot of experience at Wayne State. I worked as a clerk in the law library in the 1970s and helped organize the first union of employees affiliated with the UAW. I returned to Wayne State to go to library school and got a Masters in Library Science. While I was working on this degree, I worked in the law library as a reference assistant.

I have been an independent political activist for the working class and oppressed people since 1968, participating in meetings, demonstrations, strikes, and independent working class and popular elections campaigns.

Unfortunately, while I was campaigning for Ralph Nader for U.S. president in October, 2004, I was hit by an 18-wheel truck. I spent two months in a coma. When I woke up, I started working really hard – from a bed to wheelchair, from a wheelchair to a walker. Now, very often, I can walk all by myself.

I have become much more sensitive to the needs of disabled people. But I like to call myself “differently-abled” because I like to look at the positive side of things.

I hope you like the platform and that you will vote for me and the Green Party! 

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