Young People

No tuition hikes at Wayne State University (WSU)

Free remedial classes for any student

Reduce tuition

Stop all cuts in funds to WSU; restore and improve funds

Access to clean water and good food, not “fast food”

Start WSU-sponsored classes for people now incarcerated in Detroit as they do at Bard College in New York State

Solidarity with the Black, Latino, Women’s and LGBT movements

Start a program to turn WSU into a green university

Disabled People

Safe transportation to WSU; vans to pick up disabled people; special areas to park for disabled people who drive

Safe transportation within WSU; covered walkways within WSU so disabled people can use three-wheeled bikes, wheelchairs and walkers to go from building to building; make all buildings accessible

Make sanitation facilities accessible

Career counseling and in-class assistance for students with special needs


Tax the rich, not the poor. Bring all U.S. troops home now; stop all U.S. aid to Israel and other unjust regimes. Money for young people and disabled people, not for war!

A vision for the future

Build a train system and bus system that are accessible and that can replace cars as the main means of transportation in Detroit

Education instead of incarceration; close almost all prisons; let everyone go except those who would be dangerous to themselves or others; build helping institutions where they can lived and be helped

Spend the billions of dollars saved to improve and make the system of education free to everyone. Begin to make sure everyone has decent water, food, sanitation, shelter, jobs, wages, health insurance, housing and transportation … and music, dancing and art!

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